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Settled in Málaga, BUFETE DE VELAZQUEZ ABOGADOS, S.L.P. is a law firm experienced in both paralegal and judicial areas. A team of qualified lawyers provide our clients with specific advice and solutions to their particular concerns. Main working areas:

  • Civil Law
  • Company Law
  • Employment law
  • Public Law
  • Real Estate
  • Inmobiliario registral
  • Foreign affairs
During the last years our firm has acquired large specialization foreign affairs, advising our clients from both the EU and outside EU on a number of matters:

Real Estate:

complete advice on the purchase of a property, from the signature of the deed until its registration at the Property Register.

Residence Permits:

we count with proved and large experience on applying for residence permits, student permits and working and residence permits. We offer legal advice on the type of permit best suited to the necessities of the clients.

Investments in Spain:

for those interested in investing in Spain, we can give you support and advice for the planning and developing of your project.

Advice and management during the process of buying a house in Spain:

  • Private contract
  • Public contract before a Notary
  • Tax management
  • Registration of the property in the public register.

Traveling to Spain from certain countries requires the traveler had previously applied for a Visa Shenghen (tourism visa). There are other types of visa, such as the long-term visa, required to enter in Spain after having obtained a residence permit.

There is also a special visa for entrepreneurs, for those who wish to invest in Spain.

How to apply for a Visa Schenghen?

At the Spanish Embassy or Consulate settled in the country of residence. It is required to justify the reasons of the travelling, duration and economic resources of the traveler to guarantee the stay in Spain. The visa is issued 15 days (aprox.) after application. This visa authorizes a maximum 90 days of stay in Spain.


This type of permit allows the owner not to work but to reside in Spain. The applicant shall prove economic resources of around 2200€ per month.

This permit lasts for one year. The renewal lasts for two years. After FIVE years of non interrupted residence in Spain, one can apply for a long-term permit.


This type of permit allows students to stay in Spain for more than 90 days in order to complete a student programme at an authorized centre. It is also possible to complete a trainee programme at a public or private company. The permit lasts the same period of the student/training programme. Before applying for the permit the student shall have been previously admitted at the centre of studies.

The applicant shall also prove economic resources to guarantee the student stay of about 550€/month.


This special permit for autonomous workers requires the applicant to prove qualification and experience to develop an economic activity in Spain. It is required to prepare a business plan and also to prove the enonomic resources enough in order to guarantee the stay in Spain.


This express permit is designed for entrepreneurs in Spain:
  • Investors: within this category, it is also foreseen the possibility of obtaining the permit in case one purchases a property of above 500.000€.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Researchers
  • Workers moving from a company to another within the same group of companies.
Among the advantages of this type of permit one can mention that is faster to obtain and the non necessity to reside permanently in Spain (proving one trip per year to Spain is enough for the renewal of the permit).

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